Guest post: Learning @ Honywood – Creating a climate for collaborative dispositions

Our latest guest post is by Simon Mason, headteacher at eedNET member school, Honywood in Essex.

In my view, for people to be happy and successful in their lives they need to understand themselves. What makes people tick? Why do we act or behave in the way we do? Are we self-aware and able to analyse ourselves? Are we reflective and self-critical? Are we honest with ourselves, open to others’ views and able to react constructively and thus able to grow and develop emotionally? These questions can be used with young people and adults alike and they are key to the learning and development of all youngsters who attend our school and the staff who work alongside them. At Honywood we expect everyone to be learning; we are creating a culture predicated on proactive and independent self-discovery leading to an environment in which everyone at Honywood never stops learning and we foster this belief with the youngsters who attend the school, with our staff and with our wider community.
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