2 thoughts on “Make your school into a family business

  1. Thank you for this blog, Bill. This is exactly how I feel about the parent/school relationship in the UK. I grew up in the American school system and my children’s early years were spent in American schools. We were able to access homework assignments for our children online and the relationship with teachers was more collaborative. Since moving here, we have been progressively excluded from our children’s education, starting at Secondary and now at Sixth Form. We find it difficult to know what our child is learning in class, if they have assignments and are discouraged from being involved in their education. It is also an intimidating process to have to make formal appointments with teachers, sometimes weeks out, or only be allotted ten minutes to discuss important issues with the school. I wish that the schools would recognise the importance of parental involvement and that 17 year-olds will still benefit from it, as they are often not ready to be completely independent.

    • Thanks for your comments Sara. What a difference you experienced in the US, and what a shame that your experience with UK schools is still so common. We are hopeful that change is happening, although some of us look back and wish it had come in time for our own children!

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